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@ OP article- Scientific tests on ancient DNA extracted from 8000 year old skeletons from Florida have revealed a high level of a key probable European-originating genetic marker. There are also a tiny number of isolated Native American groups whose languages appear not to be related in any way to Asian-originating American Indian peoples.

This is not new! It was first proposed in 1998.

The Solutrean hypothesis is a controversial proposal that peoples from Europe may have been among the earliest settlers in the Americas, as evidenced by similarities in stone tool technology of the Solutrean culture from prehistoric Europe to that of the later Clovis tool-making culture found in the Americas.[1][2] It was first proposed in 1998. Its key proponents include Dennis Stanford, of the Smithsonian Institution, and Bruce Bradley, of the University of Exeter.

Genetic markers show the ("French") origins of a minority of native Americans, while the concept of crossing the Atlantic along the edge of the ice while living an Inuit type life-style is quite plausible. Much more so than navigating huge ocean distances in boats after the thaw!

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