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Comment 61 by Wake_Up :

Where do we draw the line between standing up for something or coming off as whinny atheists?

Just curious what you guys think... I for one don't get riled up about nativity scenes or anything, I usually ignore them and move on with my day... but that's just me.

Any thoughts?

Although technically the girl was right, the whole thing strikes me as 'much ado about nothing'. So there was a banner with some tasteless prayer in some wall on the school. It was there for decades, long before she entered the school, and in her very first year there, she just starts a crusade to remove it and alienates herself from the whole school. As I said, technically correct: It was a violation of the constitution apparently, but it's not like a forgotten silly banner nobody cared about was a real issue, was it? It just became a real issue after the publicity it got. It didn't even refer to any specific religion from what I saw, it just mentioned a 'Heavenly Father' and the rest was some corny generic cliches about being a 'good sport'. Big deal.

Well, at least two good things came out of it...first, the cruelty and stupidity of many of the nuts there got exposed, which is always good, and second the girl got her publicity and probably support and funding for scolarships from the atheist organizations. Which is...well, good for her.

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