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Comment 69 by Tyler Durden :

Comment 68 by JoxerTheMighty :

Although technically the girl was right, the whole thing strikes me as 'much ado about nothing'. So there was a banner with some tasteless prayer in some wall on the school. It was there for decades, long before she entered the school, and in her very first year there, she just starts a crusade to remove it...

She started a what?!?

It is, by definition, impossible for any atheist to start a crusade. A campaign, yes, a crusade, impossible.

I just love how you didn't even read your own link.

    1. any vigorous, aggressive movement for the defense or advancement of an idea, cause, etc.: a >crusade against child abuse.
  • a vigorous and dedicated action or movement in favour of a cause

  • — vb to campaign vigorously for something

    You know, metaphors?


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