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I had a whole pack bounding all over me and rolling over - timber wolf, eskimo dog crosses - because I smiled at Cinders and she ran to me. The Innuit guy said, 'Lady. You show no fear.' He took my photo quickly, right after that, and I'm still cuddling Cinders. Poor guy was terrified, I think, but I loved that wee dog - all of them - big softies. And yes, they adored their work - PETA is nuts. (I didn't know you could post a photo.)

I think that the distances you travel suggest that this is not so far fetched. All the other speculations are still amazing though! Maybe someone will find these knives in North America after we're long gone - so far in the future that some guy will publish a theory that they were free gifts with happy meals (if dumbing-down, and religioning up continues).

I wonder what mysterious ways God will be presumed to be working in now? I can't pre-empt these great theological minds. No one knows the secret of the Black Magic box. (70s tv chocolate advert.) What will creationists say?

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