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Let's remind ourselves that positions 1 to 7 respectively give the probability of a god existing as 1, 1 - a negligible amount, 1 - a non-negligible amount that's < 1/2, 1/2, a non-negligible amount that's < 1/2, a negligible amount and 0. Therefore, you can't be a theist or deist, let alone a Christian, without being, at most, a 3. (I say at most based on the values of the positions, e.g. 2 < 6.) This shows just how true it was that 6.9 doesn't come close to making Dawkins what Lennox pretended he was.

Incidentally, a YouTuber I follow called Dechha1981 has extended the scale even further so that a 0 is thinking one has met God, a -1 is thinking one is a prophet or a Messiah, and a -2 is thinking one is a god. Technically this is no longer discussing the probability of a god existing, but I bring it up because there are two interesting points he made with this idea:
(1) Some "well you were never really a believer anyway" arguments (which I know are a pet peeve of Paula Kirby's) seem to require a score of at most 0 to qualify as a believer;
(2) Kim Jong Il type figures, who become gods of political religions, are more like -2 than the 5+ you need to be called an "atheist", which is where the idea of atheism being responsible for such politics falls apart.

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