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                 Good explanation of the Agnostic Atheist, which I think a good percentage of Atheist would actually fall under. In a perfect world a person wouldn't have to make that distinction, but with idea that the "New Atheist" are a bunch of fundamentalist fanatics becoming a more and more pervasive meme I guess it's important to let believers know that even us strident super atheist know it's impossible to completely disprove something as vague and nebulous as the concept of an invisible god.

Their are two problems, one from each side of the fence, and neither will ever be resolved simply because of human nature. The first is that atheists will never 'hop the fence' because we will never accept a religion until we have actual, concrete evidence of 'God'. Our having to disprove it can't be done, and more importantly it isn't on us to need to disprove someones claim... the person making the claim needs to provide proof. That said it just isn't going to happen, 'God' hasn't made a guest appearance in millenia and I see no reason why he will any time soon (read: 'God' isn't real so don't hold your breath). The religious, on the other hand, won't abandon faith without critically thinking about 'God' and why it's totally erroneous... they just don't want to analyze it. It's the old "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink to save it's life" problem. I was watching a video with RD in it yesterday where he appeared on a religious TV program, and despite offering all the scientific evidence the host basically said,"That all sounds good and right, but the gospel says differently and that is what I believe." It's just blind, unreasoning faith. To be honest, I don't know if atheists (or anyone else, whatever they believe) can ever disprove 'God', the 'positive to disprove a negative' problem, but that isn't the route we should take. What we need people to understand is they have to prove 'God' exists, give us facts, evidence, and the Holy Grail of them all... 'God' himself. But you know, as well as I, that it's never going to happen. 'God' doesn't exist. Never has, never will. The religious have, in fact, NOTHING to offer us!

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