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Comment 4 from the above link is also rather good:


Thank you Paula. I always like to tell people that I am an agnostic atheist, that the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. I am glad that idea is being pushed more, because I find that the distinction between the two is important. One can also be a gnostic atheist, the 7 on the scale, and that is frankly an untenable position. But I think a lot of people hear the word "atheist" and interpret it as "gnostic atheist" which is absolutely not the case. Some people certainly are that. But the distinction is extremely important, because it reminds people of the importance of evidence and sufficient evidence can, and should, change minds. The question can then shift to what constitutes sufficient evidence and what it means to have evidence of a particular phenomenon, which is a much clearer discussion to have, in some ways.

That makes sense, a 7 would be defined as a gnostic atheist. I often mock gnosticism by claiming that God told me He doesn't exist.

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