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Nice article Paula, but hang on a minute!

Do you really think someone like Lennox would welcome Richard into the Christian camp, knowing:

a) He had a single celled organism as an ancestor?

b) He had a Christian ancestor who owned slaves?

c) He had many Christian ancestors who didn't believe in evolution and many more who hadn't even heard of it?

d) He had many different Christian ancestors who didn't know Matthew was the first book of the NT?

e) He had many Christian ancestors who hadn't even heard of, let alone like, Bach's St Matthew Passion!

No indeed, the last couple of weeks has been a time for shooting the messenger, because the religios know full well their powder keg is empty. ISTM that people like our PM, Cameron, who seems pretty unreligious to me, together with his atheist Deputy PM, Clegg, are so desperate that whatever else, the proles have to have "respect" for faith. Otherwise they'll be running around chopping off the Quueen's head and eating babies. [Stage direction] Bring on Baroness Warsi, and Eric Pickles reading copies of the Telegraph.

Meanwhile in the Honours deciding bit of government, there is some discussion as to whether this here chap , Dawkins, should be given an honour or not. I will leave to the more imaginative people here to conjure up the kind of discussion when Richard's name is promoted, as it surely has been. This may be worth a discussion item?

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