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My usual answer is that:

In the Bronze Age, when the world was so small, the Med was so called because it WAS the middle of the earth, and the concept of God, complete with Adam, Eve and sin was formulated. In the Iron Age, the book was rewritten, and the world was accepted to be this big round thing, with all these spheres with stars in them revolving around us, and there the concept of "God" has stopped.

BUT, we've known since Galileo that Jupiter was its own center, and they threatened to burn him at the stake, but the God concept could not be changed; Roemer came up with the concept of a speed of light in the 141,000 miles per second range, opening up the universe to size concepts beyond imagining; Newton quantified the universe; Einstein understood the enormous scope of space/time; Planck started imagining the very small. Still this God concept never went past the Bronze Age. In the 19th century we realized we were in this enormous galaxy and Charles Darwin taught us why we were really here. Bronze Age God remained; by 1915 we found ANOTHER galaxy, opening up the universe to an incredible size. Now we know the Milky Way is in the Virgo Cluster, and there are something like 400 Billion galaxies (am I wrong on this number?); and still Bronze Age God constrains too many people.

The "religious" always love to trumpet when science confirms (which is almost never) some written in those Bronze and Iron Age books; the scientific community could care less if the "religious" confirms something from science.

So I then tell people they are certainly welcome to their Bronze Age beliefs.

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