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That's right, because whatever the super-beings are, they are not gods, because we have no feckin' idea what a god is. Even a brain in a jar a la what is consciousness question.

Isn't 'God'(capital G) just the being which created our reality and has total control over it, and knows everything about it-past,present,and future? If so, those hypothetical super-beings could be thought, collectively, as "God" - they most probably have total control of the simulation that is our Universe. Some keystrokes on their super-computer and voila, parting waters. Proceed the simulation further to check what's going to happen - voila, you see the future. Hook into the simulation yourself and take the form of human - voila, God incarnated. That is "God", isn't it - Omniscient, omnipotent. The simulation wouldn't even be a "simulation" as we commonly use it - that is, a vastly simplified approximation of something natural; it would be a real, "respectable" physical world. One could say that still, this doesn't make them an authority on moral issues, although due to their apparent vast knowledge they should logically know better than us what is the best solution to any given problem, including moral decisions.

Although I'm sure most religious leaders wouldn't agree with this picture of the "Divine"...probably exactly because it is somewhat understandable and 'physical'.

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