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Also, you won't see a radical independent individualist stand up in a crowd of sceptics, atheists or rationalists, bemoaning the fact they're also still stuck in group thought or following crowd psychology.

Hehehe, kudos for having the gumption to refer to yourself as an independent individualist. Excuse me, a radical independent individualist. I'm not sure you've thought enough about an actual meeting with such folks though, what would that be like! ;-)


About the OP, it is insane and unfortunate that reasonable people are often told to pipe down when countering nonsense. I've even been told as much when getting heated about decapitations in Saudi Arabia, as though there were some better response than seething hatred. (Is that too militant? I only ever use it to make an argument, not violence.)

I strongly dislike decapitations, and I wish like, goodness, like something awful do I wish that people could keep their heads. whatever they believe

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