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When visiting these linked articles I usually like to read at least some of the comments that are usually in what I would call neutral territory. I don't usually last too long before I come back here to escape the ignorance and stupidity. We have one commenter who seems to think that we have nothing to complain about apart from school assemblies*. Another one trotting out the 'why can't you just live and let live?' question. The answer of course is that we will, the precise instant that Christians, and other religious folk, do the same to us.

I think that these poll results are very good news. I was hardly surprised by them, having spoken to one or two census Christians personally, the poll pretty much reflects my findings. It will be interesting to see how the religious lobby spin the 2011 census results if the number of census Christians actually does drop from 72% to a little over 50%. They will be left with a choice of either admitting that many who ticked the Christian box in 2001 weren't really Christians, or admitting that the figures show a pretty disastrous decline.

*My daughter attends a technology college, they have totally non-religious assemblies. I seem to recall that a while ago some bishop or other tried to draw attention to the fact that many schools were ignoring the law with regard to religious assemblies and suggested that the law should be enforced. He got it in the neck from both sides, his own side presumably realising that the law would be unenforceable and that trying to enforce it would be the best way to get it scrapped.

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