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Comment 11 by Daniel Clear

I've heard suggestions that gnu atheists are no better than terrorists which could be true bearing in mind most religious people are far more terrified of being made to look stupid in a debate than suffering martyrdom.

Didn't Bertrand Russel say that most people would rather die than think, or some such thing?

Well, we seem to be on the right track to dispelling the myth:

  1. We use biblical literalism (or any other holy text literalism) to show what it would really mean to be a Christian or whatever religious creed.

  2. We deconstruct the arguments and point out why they're unsound.

  3. We encourage atheists to come out of the closets and campaign for atheist rights.

  4. We run campaigns to raise people's awareness of what atheism actually means.

  5. We discuss and debate publicly.

  6. We push for secularism or whatever is better.

  7. We confront the myth head-on.

  8. We don't play their personality games.

Keep at it for long enough, and the furor of today will become an embarrassment in the future. Perhaps by the end of the decade, we'll have an accepted and respected position in the Western world.

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