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I think whether or not our brains are merely pieces of ordinary matter like everything else and our decisions are merely the result of the movement of the particles inside that matter is irrelevant to morality...for example, people who murder should still be put in jail because we still have to protect ourselves. Or, we still should talk and act against injustice when we see it, because it still is a factor than can persuade other brains to do the same, resulting in more justice and less suffering. Of course, being able to, at least to some extent, explain the human decision-making in quantified terms would help in using scientific methods of reducing harmful thinking...on the other hand this could lead to some appaling notions(think "A Clockwork Orange" and Alex's "treatment").

I still prefer to think that, although of course my decisions have a lot to do with my DNA, my history and how the neurons in my brain behave, I still have some undetermined, independent and unique "core", a "self" which can't be reduced to simple laws of physics. It's probably metaphysical thinking, but hey, it gets me through the day :) It would really be difficult to me to internalize that I'm a bunch of protons,neutrons and electrons orbiting each other as usual following Newton's and Maxwell's laws and nothing more...doesn't quite make me feel right. Of course, it could be so, but, hey...

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