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← Atheist group targets Muslims, Jews with ‘myth’ billboards in Arabic and Hebrew

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Oh boy did I have a laugh at this site, if you can bear the ignorance.

I read as many comments on that site as I could. A little part of my life essence faded away with each one, so I just had to stop. The last one I read was also my favorite. Here's an excerpt:

The right arm of hell is reserved for the unbelievers and the ungodly such as yourself. You will be chained together with others where you all will be bobbing up and down in the fiery river of hell.

And these are people who find an atheist billboard offensive!

You cannot reason with people like this. It is literally impossible, and a complete waste of time to even try.

I'm not too pleased with the "you know it's a myth" angle… after all, the religious believer doesn't know what they believe is a myth! ... What I do see these billboards doing effectively is saying that atheists are proselytising jerks, and I don't see why we would want to say that.

Silverman has indeed said these billboards are intended for non-believers stuck in those ridiculous communities. As far as "proselytizing jerks" goes, I don't give a damn. It establishes the presence of non-theists, it says we're not hiding anymore, and that's reason enough to put them up.

I grew up being told that if I didn't do the right things (which were never clear), I would be punished horribly forever. To a normal person, that constitutes emotional abuse. Consequently, today I want to shove a billboard up the ass of everyone who would repeat that same garbage I was fed as a helpless child. I see it done all the time online, but shockingly enough, no one does it to my face. Maybe they don't know what that 2-inch red "A" on my arm means.

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