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Never liked surveys whenever I see a clip board coming towards me I put my head down and look at my watch, last time it happened I was leaving a public toilet with a woman, clip board in hand, stationed outside. I shudder to think what she was going to ask.

This one has converted me to their usefulness. I work in a job where the rigorous application of truth is supposed to be central and some of the people in it are very powerful because the decisions they make can radically alter lives.

But when logic runs up against a dead end I am pig sick of hearing all too frequently, “well we will just have to put our trust in God, still being a Christian country”. Now I can quote some figures which will stifle my urge at such times to slump into maniacal laughter.

I sometimes have trouble trusting people I know exist never mind the ones I don’t believe do.

Fri, 02 Mar 2012 17:59:47 UTC | #923792