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← Republican Congressional Candidate Says 'Holocaust Never Happened'

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As someone born in the mid-fifties, I was too young to see things first hand, but my dad was in Europe during the war and saw the monstrosities first hand. My Mom was from Holland and lived through her city being invaded. Her sister was a death camp survivor who had stark white hair at age 24.

Being of a generation after WWII, I have an understanding of what happened through the real life experience of my relatives, but with each succeeding generation, the memory dims and the ability to believe it was a hoax becomes easier. It is incumbent on us all to make sure the past is never forgotten and to set the record straight whenever one of these assholes starts blowing smoke.

Fortunately, we live in an era where social media plays such an important part in the political spectrum that I don't believe he has a hope in hell of getting elected, as the ground swell of opposition from the masses will bring him down.

I have to add, despite the horrors my Dad witnessed and the upheaval my Mom experienced, they both taught their children to be tolerant and respectful of all, and to not hold the sins of the nation (Germany) against the people. As a family, we had a number of German friends and I give my parents credit for being human enough to forgive, even if they will never forget.

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