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You didn’t used to hear the ‘Christian Country…” bit as much, it usually stopped after the ‘trust in God’ statement. But after David Cameron sanctioned it with his ‘UK is a Christian country and we should not be afraid to say it’ speech, late last year, the full statement has returned. You can just imagine the various, ‘Association of Christian [some trade or profession] having committee meetings and resolving to follow the PMs advice and encourage it’s members to declare UK Christianity whenever the opportunity arose.

That is just speculation by the way I do not have evidence it happened, but I have certainly heard an increase in the bleating of the full mantra. Annoyingly, people met the RDFRS survey with snorts along the lines of, “why would anyone want to challenge how people refer to themselves, if that is not militant and fundamentalist what is? I wonder if they felt the (tax payer funded) David Cameron was being militant and fundamentalist when encouraging prosthelytizing supposed UK Christianity.

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