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Join in what? What do you do, exactly?

I am talking about joining in political campaigning and decision making.

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I've given up on religion(well, Christianity) altogether because, well, I read the whole Bible(wink wink) but I'm not really sold on the whole 'atheistic cause' to eradicate religion from the 'collective mind'. I don't see it as that important. Some people seem to believe that can actually be done, and then we'll live in a paradise of reason and logic. Ain't gonna happen. There are all sorts of evils in this world, religion is the tip of the iceberg. You can wipe out any superstition from everyone minds tomorrow, there would still be wars and poverty. If I'm going to concetrate my efforts on something, I think it would be eradicating poverty and militarism. Religion would be low on the list.

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