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Sorry - Jim Beam was in my hot chocolate - I forgot to say to anyone who is interested in memes, and has not yet read 'Cloud Atlas' - seriously, read it. It is a masterpiece. David Mitchell. (I never understand all the science and maths but I love his work.) I tell you this as a gift.

Something very dramatic happens to language but I hate spoilers, so won't give it away. It's a huge, philosophical, even metaphysical science fiction novel, but you will be so emotionally involved that it's an easy read!

I did cry, though mostly because I wish I could write like that guy does! Up there with Shakespeare (in this novel) breathtaking! There wasn't a flat hair at the back of my neck at the end. Goodnight, Princes of New England!

Sun, 04 Mar 2012 02:03:13 UTC | #924235