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Comment 1 by Pyrion Commenting from germany here. I thought we had all the nutcases deniyng the holocaust here. For germans its at least understandable, being a shame for the nation. What does an american gain from it i wonder?

Xenophobia isn't limited to Germany. Plenty of anti-Semitism to go around. funny thing is you scratch many of these conspiracy nuts and their twisted little minds lead them to lizard people trying to rule the world. So they should ask him about the lizard people.

I love this lizard people conspiracy stuff. Lizard people from space are disguised as humans in positions of power running the world doing breeding experiments etc. Any civilisation capable of technology of travelling between the stars would have no more trouble taking us over than we would trying to take over the world of the Australopithecus. Imagine with our technology now going back in a time machine and going to all the bother of trying to take it over their civilization by disguising ourselves and trying to gain power through ascending to leadership in their society. Some breeding experiments, etc. Either very inefficient of just plain kinky. It would explain the virgin birth though, parthenogenesis is not unheard of in lizards.

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