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According to



  1. Used in an argument when someone has made a good point and the other person doesn't know what to say.

  2. Used before a sentence when someone is not sure what to say. Usually repeated by another person.

  3. Used by teenage girls and gay men in the middle of a sentence to emphasize a the point. See like

  4. Used by someone in a conversation if it doesn't matter.

  5. Used by someone in a conversation if they don't care.

example1: Man 1: But you're a dick! Man 2: So?

ex2. Girl: So...Man: So...Girl: Wanna go to the cinema?

ex3. Gay: That is like so good.

ex4. Man: But it's raining outside! Girl: So?

ex5. Man: I have a big willy. Girl: So?


adj. 1. used to add extra emphasis to a statement that would otherwise describe the exact same thing.

"We're so gonna go to Wal-Mart!"

"She so deserved that award!"


I've found myself using "so" at the beginning of sentences in the last year or two (2011-2012) and I'm pretty sure I got this habit from American friends.

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