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Seems Warren has a few issues with working out basic theology there....

He seems to consider jeebus as top doggy ...but jeebus is son to the father and in true patriarchal habit it is the father that is top doggy in this nonsense...he is after all the one true god according to evangelical spin and has been around a lot longer then his brat or some vague ghost.

One wonders what the fuck Warren thinks the whole bible, both old and new, was about ?

The trinity is a 4th century cobbled together baling wire, spit and duck tape fix for the various cults worshipping the different forms...all purportedly xian...just not xian they did what xians always did...nicked a previous idea and called it their own!

The concept of the Trinity finds its roots in Pagan theology and Greek philosophy. It was a mish mash of early Babylonian and later Egyptian in the form of Isis, Serapis, and the child Horus and it was the later form that early theologians probably pillaged to cobble their delusion together.

Jeebus was credited with a few words on the matter....

I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me’,{# Joh 5:30}

Another sound byte....

My doctrine is not mine, but His that sent me’;{# Joh 7:16}

And yet another....

My Father is greater than I’ {#Joh 14:28}

Jeebus never considered he was a prong of a triad...and it was apparently never mentioned in the is purely a emergency invention from later centuries when they were trying to cobble it all together from different strands.

That a so called leader of a major cult is so divorced from the very history his cult descended from is not just is fucking criminal and suggests very strongly that he views his 'ministry' as a scam and cash cow where deep understanding of the delusion and its roots are not required to fleece the gullible..


Warren is a ignorant and fatuous glob of sheer idiocy.

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