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I've never understood their concept of the Trinity.

Ask 3 different xians you get 7 different answers. No one knows in reality...even present day theologians not just struggle but drown in their own facetiousness around this ridiculous notion.

Athanasius, the bishop who formulated this doctrine, (around the time of the Nicene council and the debates) confessed that the more he wrote on the matter, the less capable he was of clearly expressing his thoughts regarding it.

They had to get several different xian strands all singing from the same hymn sheet...the xian rabble were murdering each other over this interpretation of who or what was god, they were just being xian dumbshits...the easiest way was combine all three aspects, which all had their own followers, into the one.

Problem is it is so incomprehensible and incoherent that it rattles when it walks...and jeebus had no thoughts on any trinity it is a man invented sticking plaster for xians that besides being dumb murderous cretins were also gullible with it.

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