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like some evolutionary topic with the predictable "lets see the god botherers explain this one" remark.

Heh, you noticed that too? :P

If this site is about 'reason' and an 'oasis of clear thinking' then its main topic should be science, and not only 'hot topics' that raise eyebrows in reference to religion, such as 'universe from nothing' and evolution, but any number of the infinite topics out there, physics, biology, mathematics, logic, psychology, sociology, arts, computer science. Maybe even divided into appropriate sub-forurms, for convenience and easy browsing based on interest. Instead, 90% of the threads is about religion, with the posters just doing a show off of 'who's gonna call the theists more names', and the rest 10% of science threads mostly turn about how the idiot theists would never understand these topics.

I'm sorry, but if you can take an honest criticism, this site has a long way to go into being a home for people sincerely interested in science, and somewhere you can come and learn something. Pretty much all I've learned here is who William Lain Craig and Ann Coulter is, some idiots I had never heard about before I came into this site(and I surf the net pretty regularly). Right now it's mostly just a place where hardcore atheists meet and make fun of jeebus and faithheads. Which is cool and all, but should get pretty boring after a while.

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