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Comment 15 by Bernard Hurley

Shouldn't we call the schools that teach this rubbish Wooniversities?

Monty Python's Bruces come to mind:

"Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce a chap from pommie land... who'll be joining us this year here in the Philosophy Department of the University of Woolamaloo."

"Well, Gentlemen, I think we'd better start the meeting. Before we start, though, I'll ask the padre for a prayer."

"Oh Lord, we beseech thee, have mercy on our faculty, Amen!"


"I'd like to welcome the pommy bastard to God's own earth, and I'd like to remind him that we don't like stuck-up sticky-beaks here."

"Hear, hear! Well spoken, Bruce!"

"Now, Bruce teaches classical philosophy, Bruce teaches Haegelian philosophy, and Bruce here teaches logical positivism, and is also in charge of the sheepdip."

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