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Many of the private schools (mostly catholic and anglican in Australia). Have very high fees and are all about Kudos, So, many kick out kids who under-perform. Many won't accept special needs kids (we don't have the facilities!). My brother and sister in law sent their kids to a exclusive school thousands of dollars each per year. A kid in my nephews year2 class was kicked out of the school because he needed too much support and we don't have the money to provide it! They get as much (sometimes more per student) from the government and they pick and choose who goes. State schools (public) take all comers, have a very difficult time excluding kids and yet we have to put up with this crap about under performing state schools. We regularly get kids who's parent scream at the school (literally often) "I'm taking my kid out of this F'ing useless school" only to take them to the private system that they're convinced can do better only to be told your son/daughter is not doing they're work so we're cancelling their enrolment. This after paying sometimes thousands of dollars. So they show up a couple of months latter.

I should say there are excellent private schools out there, but they're not on a level playing field.

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