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In my experience of working in a Church of England school, pupils were not selected according to wealth. I am not entirely sure how you could achieve this. However, it is most definitely the case that wealthy parents who live in the area (or who have moved to the area) are more likely than poorer parents to work hard to get their child into a C of E school. This may involve getting their names on the list sooner, or pretending to be Christian more convincingly.

One of our local Emmanuel Schools interviews parents as part of the admission process.

Part of the "committed to Xtian Education thing", is simply being "committed to education".
This allows the dumping of disruptive children with parents who do not value education, in other local schools. Great for the selection of parents who will give the school financial and moral support, while downgrading the league table performance and education standards of competing schools.
This allows the likes of Cameron (and Blair) to posture about the superiority of their pet "faith" projects.

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