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Having never heard of "Funky Cold Medina" (or much of any "music" created within the last 25 years), I felt compelled to check it out on YouTube before reading the rest of the article. To be blunt, I cannot tell the difference between this so-called "earworm" and the sound of road construction. It has no melody at all. Just some guy shouting in Ebonics over a very loud drum machine along with a heavily distorted electric guitar, playing the same chord over and over.

I then Googled the name "Rhitu Chatterjee" for some biographical information. I was curious to know the age of a person who finds something of this nature "memorable." I couldn't find any, but a few photos did turn up, and as I suspected, she appears to be on the youthful side. Nowadays, people under 30 have an entirely different idea of what constitutes "music" than those of previous generations.

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