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Saganic Rites: Isn't that true of most generations? The big-band generation didn't 'get' rock 'n' roll, that generation didn't understand mods and rockers, who couldn't abide disco and 'pop', whose devotees shied away from new-wave / new romantic, who didn't 'do' rap and R&B, the fans of which...etc.etc.

Notice that the illustration for this article is an ear wrapped in sheet music. Rap is the first genre of...of... well, I guess I'll call it "stuff that gets played on the radio" in which sheet music is completely irrelevant, because by definition, it all consists of only one note. It's essentially crude beat poetry screamed over a loud drum machine instead of the finger snaps or bongos that one would have encountered in Greenwich Village coffee houses of the early 60s.

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