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The Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 forbid discrimination in employment or vocational training due to religion or belief.


St Mary's Island CE Primary school [asking applicants] to "provide a faith reference" to prove that they will uphold the "Christian leadership that are at the heart of our caring environment".

... is a clear instance of discriminatory and illegal practice as a qualified applicant with no membership of an organised religion could provide such a reference.

I'm not a Teacher. Anyone out there qualified who might fancy becoming a cause célèbre?

Questions about what constitutes a religion or belief are settled by Employment Tribunal. From my own experience I know that this is a long road designed to wear down litigants and promote out-of-court settlements, or a very limited financial penalty on the employer.

I cannot fund the full course of an ET case myself, but would be happy to contribute.


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