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← Countless millions of taxpayers’ money spent on discrimination in schools

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we are committed to living the Gospel values each and every day

They will be condoning slavery then?

Comment 1 by Mr Blue Sky :

It is wicked and foolish government sponsored vandalism of our young peoples emotional and general intelligence and an insult to humanity but there is no party to vote for that would curb this vicious nonsense.

It is wicked and Nope there isn't because they haven't clocked the fact that we are a secular nation and most of us don't give a fart for xtian values. They think its still a vote winner and of course the royals and CofE need eachother for mutual justification.

I have said before on this forum that in the UK there are 50+ qualifications in our schoolsdedicated to assessing your knowledge and competence in the magic fuf fuf bolox of abrahmism and NONE in evolutionary biology. I'd go as far as to say that most scientific quals in schools don't teach real scientific enquiry.

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