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Check out Israel's holy land or Mecca etc. Each religious mind-form (evolved from their memes) seeks not simply to find a new territory and a new mind-form as a fresh philosophy, but to do so in order to preserve its memeology. The most adaptive mind-forms seem to have a fixed place and time from which they broke off from whatever others surrounded them. This branched location then seems to send out shoots through time, cultures and continents which ultimately draw power back to their origins. Memeology of religion. The wall of separation is held together by the very things it claimed to be guarding against. This is how religion sends out its shoots into all cultures, anywhere. It is a creeping, poison ivy.

I was watching various sports recently and it came across to me how the religious meme even spouts forth when success is won and under the guise of an ultimate representative of fairness - symbolism - look up to a myth. This is an interesting example of why alternatives do not fare so well. Where is the symbolism and "meme" that will represent itself in the minds of billions worldwide that may then grapple for a position in some of them over such a seemingly innocuous subliminal messaging? It's all very well to think ourselves not responsible whilst the poorly positioned people are welcome to their poorly informed mindsets, but what of their children and the populations who then suffer due the masses dominating a mythological society on everyone? Also what of the crime pack hounds who then prey on their vulnerabilities?

Just lately Virgins R.Branson came out against P.Hitchens stance on drug related crime. The debate is too simplistic a motion. We know how the drugs Executive Directors subvert, as a basic work ethic, and kill as mind-form interest on their investments, just as we know the (respected and secular) financial markets do the same upon the rank and file due government tax revenues always passing paying the price of their extravagances on down to the lowlier. We know how they function like an untouchable "Bankers drug-bonus" enterprise. Also we know the collateral damage of free access to drugs upon a large population likely will pose extra issues for ones it might not otherwise have reached. Nil legal sanction will not prevent chaotic addiction in certain quarters leading to other societal problems. It's true that alcohol has an often deadlier impact in some ways. But it's also the case that "early addictions" often are difficult to overcome and often enable further subversive enterprises upon the young and vulnerable.

So, what has secularism to say about how we best resolve and promote a "New society" without alienating the electorate so addicted to the old society and without the likely collateral damage of the innocents experiencing the changeover? It seems whatever way we move, someone is gonna have to pay the price, hard and terminal. This is what I see as humanities greatest hypocrisy. It claims to know respectability, but in reality always sucks at the breast of vice in order to afford itself the opportunity to employ any leverage at the expense of too many naive not to know why or what happened to their lives.

We who think we know how life ought to be really have no idea about how to make it so in everyones behalf. In this respect I have to ask myself what I am talking about. One of the few things that makes me sure I have anything at all to say is when I see those who have been saying how it should be lying so long and hard plus cheating out of general information, that the case against letting them continuing is long overdue. It's a poor mans outcome whatever the motion. The exploiters and cheats are likely waiting to fill any new gaps whatever is being represented. This is the greatest difficulty - how to keep out the nasty without resorting to their tricks in order to do so. It's almost impossible - as you see in the results that lead to wars. Someone else is always paying the price of these mind-forms that deceive and replicate advantage for themselves. And they forever rally to postpone yet another persons life from effecting any significant change and leverage that may afford them the necessary next steps.

In this respect, what is being served? The mare of misfortune?

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