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Comment 3 by phill marston :

I thought the UK had legislation to prevent discrimination in employment on the grounds of ethnic origin, colour, sex and religious conviction. Is it not against such legislation to advertise a post and say only people who can 'prove their faith' can apply? And if that's not illegal, if you advertise for a chaplain, who presumably would have to be ordained, when women are not eligible for ordination, isn't that discrimination on grounds of sex?

GOR Blimey!

It seems there are exceptions to the anti-discrimination laws if the employer can provide a "Genuine Occupational Requirement" for their discrimination.

"...and want to advance the Kingdom of God through church and school working closely together."

And The Lord said "Let my kingdom be advanced", and lo, it was not advanced, not even a little bit. And The Lord saw that it was not good and, after a bit of head scratching, decided to employ a headteacher.

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