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← Countless millions of taxpayers’ money spent on discrimination in schools

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It does seem the uber infected are indeed hanging on by finger nails to a privileged position in society This scheme is a last gasp desperation row attempt to not die out

They have really been pushing to get their paltry bollix into targeted is what dishonest religions do..infect 'em young yours for life!

It has never been about teaching responsibility and good citizenship...even has always been about numbers of bums on pews and tithes in bank accounts.

Take a quick look ...they are severely challenged on both accounts. They are really in deep tar up to their rancid armpits. The pit is their destiny but not in the way they have dreamed of in their more hysterical of moments.

Maybe they will have a moderate success for a short while in this latest wheeze...but they are doomed..the writing is on the wall...they know that and the fear is growing hence all the kafuffle recently whining about some aspect of intolerance against xianity or another.

Seems they have become aware that they are a literally a dying breed of moron but they aim to leave their filthy spoor all over society before they depart...a spoor which will insure sectarian and moral divides last longer then the hope that similarly brain dead rejects in the future pick up the discarded baton and run with it again..after all bigotry...ignorance and hatreds...are a very human malady...get rid of the religious you still have the sheeple to deal with.

Thing is what excuse or vehicle would they then hide behind if religion did go tits up?

They would no doubt find something ignorance and stupidity always finds a way of irritating the rest of us!

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