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← Countless millions of taxpayers’ money spent on discrimination in schools

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I have come across this sort of thing myself recently, having expanded my long and fruitless search for gainful employment to sixth-form colleges and secondary schools rather than just entry-level academic positions in Higher Education. And it's always the catholics. For some reason they're almost the only people who seem to want what I can offer. Even if they want anyone but me offering it to them.

As the holder of a doctorate in Medieval Intellectual History I probably know more about catholic dogma, doctrine, philosophy, thought and history than everyone else in the school combined, but will they consider me as a history or classics teacher? No, apparently the fact I take the catholic faith as seriously as I take the Aristotelian physics is a barrier there. Admittedly I despise the catholic church with a passion, and would feel deeply uncomfortable in such an environment, but the fact a state-funded sixth-form college should be such an environment in the first place is the real problem here.

Which makes me wonder... I'm gay. The catholics aren't especially keen on my sort, officially at least, so even if I WERE deluded enough to believe all the claptrap I would be discriminated against on these grounds. And the fact that the claptrap dissuades millions of gay people like myself from taking up or even pretending to be catholic for these purposes must surely count as constructive discrimination here?

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