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This has been a case study in why we need to teach 'critical thinking' much better in our education system. We need bullet point rules of thumb - at the moment people have the attitude 'yer I have studied subject xyz, so Ive developed my critical thinking skills...' when they clearly aint!

Seeing even politics grads that I know become swept up in this was particularly disheartening.

our education system desperately needs to teach people how to think well/smartly! as sam harris says, humanity has a bigger become sane

For those witnessing the viral inception of the 'kony 2012' cult and its immediate debunking on the interweb recently, I offer this (low-brow) gem:

Joseph Kony vs Rick Santorum. One is a Christian fundamentalist aspiring to cripple his nation under a backwards theocracy centred around Ten Commandments law... the other is Joseph Kony! 'dum'dum!

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