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I enjoy listening to Sean so much that I'm willing to put up with having to listen to Mooney in order to hear him.

Will we have a much more secular America in my lifetime? Will the benefits that religion has, often without question, be eroded enough to make me comfortable in saying that I live in a secular society? I hope so and that hope rests in the fact that there are more non-religious young people (percentage of population) than there are non-religious old folk. If that trend persists, we will arrive at our destination mainly through attrition. But I don't want this. What I want is to force Democratic presidents to appoint non-religious secularists to SCOTUS. If we can do this, we can enforce the existing constitutional laws prohibiting certain religious opportunists from always getting their way.

Where I live, the only businesses that appear to be thriving are the churches. New buildings, new and larger parking lots, expensive productions to help with membership drives and all with out paying taxes.. As long as they are allowed to have a tax free existence, they will be hard to beat.

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