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Faith is not just "belief without evidence." You can have faith (as in remaining faithful) in a person too. For many Christians, i think faith is of that kind in "God". That's hard to shake, and maybe it gets them through the night...

However, two things I can never understand, and would be curious to hear explained are:

1) How can a loving God condemn all non-believers to Hell for eternity? Isn't that more like Saddam Hussein or Hitler who imprisoned and tortured anyone with a different view, rather than Jesus or Ghandi or Martin Luther King who taught tolerance and forgiveness? What do they really think of the morality of the Entity they worship?

2) How do Christians justify the callous cruelty of Nature, if made by an all good and caring creator? Predators must kill to survive, parasites must cause suffering and disease, the strong victimise the weak to keep themselves strong. None of this can be explained as a result of any "Fall" caused by man, For the simple reason that the "design" of claws, teeth, barbs, fangs, venoms etc., were integral to these species, yet must predate the first "Man" (even if Mike takes Genesis as literal truth). So, who put the cruelty into Nature?

I would not want to convert this guy, his religion is his own business, but I would be genuinely curious how he justifies it.

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