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Comment 7 by aroundtown :

I thought it was just me but now that I have seen the other comments I don't feel to bad about my personal observations of the presentation. I grew frustrated with the rote memorization technic of repeating his points twice or more add nauseam while presenting his arguments. State your reasons and move on to the next point please. I also grew tired of the constant philosophical arguments regarding the false belief issues, just give the suggested evidence or lack thereof and move on please. Its like discussing the effects of fairy wings on the local wind currents, just state the evidence and logical reasons for no fairy's and don't get involved in discussing barometric pressure and the like within the argument. I appreciate his efforts to disprove the nonsense of religion but I felt his presentation was slightly overly animated and it became an unnecessary focal point and distraction. In Las Vegas it's called making your point the hard way so to speak.

I agree. I thought he came off as kind of a jerk to be honest, what he was saying was true but not very deep, something I would expect from a first year philosophy student not a professor and he was saying it as if he was explaining the Higgs Boson particle.

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