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Lol, you can tell I'm a unix sysadmin, first thought was "of course I'd ridicule them". But when I thought about it a little, a computer full of crap usually tells me that the person thinks they know what they're doing, but in reality they're computionally ignorant. They probably don't put much thought into what they click on either "a full 6 inches!!!" I'm IN!!!

Comment 3 by eljeffe :

"For me, that is like ridiculing someone's computer because it has been loaded with faulty software."

i suppose that is true, but i find myself having a hard time not ridiculing someone for clicking on an obvious phishing link or effectively installing the virus themselves.

skepticism and science make a great anti-virus software for religion!

Fri, 09 Mar 2012 22:53:02 UTC | #925734