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← FFRF ad, ‘Quit the Catholic Church,’ runs in today’s Times

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Comment 23 by Spiritual Atheist :

I'm sure people will leave because of this,but by and large I think the ad misses the mark.

In general, people don't leave the church because of certain doctrines unless they leave to establish their own church which is hardly what the FFRF is intending here. It's long been an open secret that what the church preaches and what the congregation believes are often two very different things. Also, believers tend to interpret the churches actions in the kindest light giving them the benefit of the doubt, often and without realizing it, applying a sort of evolutionary idea to the church - that it is a struggle towards truth and that eventually it will get there.

I am surprised at the simplistic view many atheists have of the religious and religious structures and how it displays a deep-rooted bigotry against the religious.

I agree that the congregation typically strays from the RCC preachings, but that's the point here.

It's clear there is no magic bullet that will cause believers to leave their church. But, I think this ad is one of the better approaches. When atheists simply launch a general "god doesn't exist" ad, I think a lot of people's instant reaction is "oh god, another 'religious' debate..."

This ad succeeds in exploiting a standpoint which RCC congregates don't identify with to show just how out of step the RCC is with their real life beliefs and actions. Even more, it takes advantage of a highly visible and current social topic to drive a wedge between RCC subscribers and the RCC. Seems like the best way to hit home is to use real life examples to show people that their church's beliefs do not align with their own. I'd love to see more of this!

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