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Comment 10 by xmaseveeve :

It's a scam. Donate to real charities - this group is pocketing the money. Sickos.

There are some valid criticisms of Invisible Children but this is NOT one of them. They spend all of their money on the stated goals of the organization. 1/3 on direct help for Ugandans, and the rest for lobbying, making movies and travelling around showing the movies for free, with the goal of spreading awareness. You can say that goal is not a good use of resources, but clearly most people don't know anything about this so awareness is at least a reasonable goal to fight for.

Comment 18 by helena! :

I don't think this should be promoted here either. The money is going towards a religious organization and they have done enough harm. Hello child witches? Hello killing gays? I won't even watch this video propaganda. I will have nothing to do with anything jesus related.

And I saw one of the guys explain their funding - 1/3 for the video, 1/3 for media and 1/3 for the movement. Doesn't seem right. I get the sceptic red flag from these guys.

"1/3 for the movement" no, all of it is "the movement".

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