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I've tried to come up with a way in which reason may help Mike strengthen his beliefs. It needed to be better than just saying something like "don't push for reason, you'll just drive him to find more reasons to believe". Why that doesn't matter to us is apparent when we consider that his new found drive could also cause him to seek reasons for his reasons, and so on. (There is a question as to whether it is reasonable or not to expect Mike to always find at the end of such a pursuit nothing to believe in. But given the alternative is to accept that some reason for believing the hooey may exist, we needn't worry about that.)

Long story short, it hasn't been easy. I know, that means my opening comment appears rash -oh well.

It seems, as Quine himself has said, and S. Cat, and many others too, that evidence is the problem. Or for my questions in particular, it is how reason relates to evidence. Or more specifically, how sure can I be that reason can determine with certainty what is and is not evidence for a claim.

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