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I watched the video yesterday.

My impulse was to give more support to the ICC and INTERPOL. What is the use in having someone on a most wanted list, if there isn't a dedicated and concerted effort to actually hunt them down?

How to support the ICC and INTERPOL? Political pressure.

We need civilized nations to stand together, share information, and when one of the villains show up, arrest them. If the local governments are willing and able to facilitate, great. If they are not, then they don't really have much to say.

I know that this may all sound like the Team America, cowboy shit that you are all so sick of, but there is no reason why humanity should tolerate people who commit such crimes, no matter where the political boundaries are drawn.

Today, after reading about how misleading the video was, I read the criticisms and I read up on Kony. The funny thing is, I managed to glean accurate information from the video.

Kony's forces are in the wilder parts of the bush (not in Uganda). Uganda is recovering. The survivors are growing up and trying to heal their old wounds. The 100 soldiers are advisory and working with local governments. They have only been in place since Nov 2011. There is no imminent threat to recall the advisors.

I saw no need to buy a kit or give money to Invisible Children.

I know that the video is slim on facts and heavy on emotion, but the readers on this sight should understand that emotion motivates people much more readily than facts.

The alleged jesus freak has done what the facts have failed to do for many years.

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