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This is actually a fascinating detective story. I find it quite remarkable that one can deduce what happened through research of the newspapers and record keeping of that time and come to a very accurate conclusion with what they have found. I agree that in the end it doesn't matter who actually discovered it, but as Agrajag has said above me, it clears Darwin of unethical behavior. Unlike the priesthood or politicians, scientists actually take notice of someone's unethical behavior and disregard them once they are found out to have lied or falsified evidence or data. Truly a testament to the discipline of science.

@Militant non-stamp collector: I believe that its to do with the very concise record keeping of that time. One thing large bureaucratic empires are good at is record keeping. When dictatorships fall, the first thing that they try to burn is the records of their misdeeds. Not that I am saying that the respective governments of the time were dictatorships, only insofar as to show that empires are good at record keeping. And considering that these countries who had maintained the records are still in business so to speak, it makes sense that they would still be somewhere in a warehouse. Hell, we still have remnants of Roman record keeping scattered throughout the world :D

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