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...He has made a self-aggrandizing video, anything else?...

People know who Joseph Kony is and that he hasn't been brought to justice. More people are talking about it and want something to be done.

There is no Batman, quietly handling thugs in the dark of the night, unless you count Delta Force. Even they don't move without orders. It takes people with voice, and influence with powerful governments.

...maybe we should compare the body count of gays and witch children first, just saying.

What are you saying? He promotes stupidity on one hand so he should be ignored when he tries to raise awareness of Joseph Kony?

He is an idea, don't give him any money. If you are still moved by the injustice of the war crimes, move through other channels.

Senator Inhofe is a piece of crap, don't give him any money either.

Sat, 10 Mar 2012 17:09:22 UTC | #925897