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I certainly don't want to cause a dust up but I do want to contribute a simple observation from my point of view. When you confront a religious individual you are trying to assist that person to see a truth that has value to them outside of the delusion that you know they suffer from. When you allow the fantasy to remain in the conversation it is akin to an individual rushing the door that is about to close where they stick their foot in the crack to stop it from closing. My point is allowing the religious discussion to be included in your arguments only serves to confuse and distract the point of clarity you would want to impart on them.

I have stated on occasion that life without religion is a thousand times larger than the small little box that religion would have you live in. I should say it is trillions of times larger and beyond because an individual who is allowed to think for themselves can witness and contemplate the connected world of atoms and the dance that we are a part of in actuality, it is not a speculated existence.

Why not offer the deluded a brilliant diamond in exchange for the piece of coal that was given to them by their religious task masters. Have you ever noticed the delusion around the holidays when people dress up in tattered robes to mimic the nativity crud story. What do they think? Do they think god and the departed have robes and some sheep waiting for them to attend in the supposed afterlife. I believe people need to entirely strip religion away if true relief is to be inherited for a life lived in the here and now. You want to impart on the deluded the idea that they can participate and contribute to the actual world that we live in, it will not be a perfect life but it will at least be a truthful life.

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