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Giving up religion and ideas of salvation and paradise may seem like a loss for many, but it is not.

Paradise, a loving god and eternal, blissful life are like a panacea that cures all sicknesses without side-effects - as wonderful as it may sound, it is simply is not true. Abandoning the constant and - eventually futile - hope for it doesn't cost you anything when you realize that paradise existed only in your imagination in the first place. You can't lose what you never really had.

The "joyful" aspect of atheism is not that it provides you with a replacement of loving gods and meaning - but rather, that it allows you to spend the time and resources available to you for what really matters to you - and not waste them on superstition and false hope.

Just like giving up the dream of a panacea doesn't cure your sickness - but it allows you to spend your money on something that might actually help you - rather than on empty promises that, in the end, won't do anything at all.

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