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A good video to watch, and a topic that religious believers don't want to hear... critical thinking.

I had a quick reaction to Anthony's(sp) proposition,"Belief invested in a conclusion." It didn't sound quite right, and then it hit me that after a 'conclusion' you wouldn't have a 'belief' you would 'know'... so a bit of an error in his reasoning right there. His analogy of 'voters coming to different conclusions' was equally erroneous in that voters come to different conclusions as to why they would vote for someone, but that isn't unreasonable as candidates put forth many reasons to vote for them, and the voters may have various amounts of knowledge concerning what each candidate has put out, and even if they have the same information will pick and choose the reason for voting for said candidate. To go back a bit, Anthony also puts out,"Reasoning is an unreliable process."... I don't recall Dr. Boghossian ever saying that... and since our reasoning is 'imperfect' that we have to invest 'faith' into our reasoning.

That's right, if your reasoning isn't sound then just throw in a little faith and all is well.


C'MON, MAN!! If your reasoning in something isn't good, then check your reasoning! Go back to the drawing board and find out what went wrong! You can't just pull something from the clear blue sky and say,"Reasoning didn't work so I'm going to go with anything and say it's true, factual, realistic." That's UNreasonable, ILLogical GARBAGE!

I don't know where Anthony figured out that 'faith' is some sort of x-factor that can be substituted for knowlegde and facts but whoever his philosophy teacher is needs to have a one-on-one with the dude. And if Anthony wants to take his position that 'reasoning is an unrealiable process' to its ultimate extent, then he can feel free to sit in a corner and drool on himself because anything he tries to use 'reason' on is null and void to begin with... their is no point. His every thought is null and void. He has no basis himself for his argument because he has nullified everything that needs thought. There's an error there as big as the Atlantic Ocean but he can't see it? o.O C'mon, man...

non est deus

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